What is LoveFashionSales?

LoveFashionSales is a personalised service to help you save money by alerting you to price reductions from your favourite designer and high street fashion brands.

The basics of LoveFashionSales.com are simple:

  • We monitor daily 400 UK fashion retailers and some 750,000 styles from about 8,000 brands.
  • You select your desired brands and product categories, as well as your sizes. The sign up takes a minute or so.
  • As soon as items go down in price matching your criteria, we'll send them to you in a daily/weekly email, the frequency which you determine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I see the latest season's fashion?
Yes. LoveFashionSales will show you matches from all seasons' products including the latest fashion trends from over 400 UK fashion retailers and designers, every time a style matching your preferences gets reduced in price.

Can I choose what day of the week to receive my email?
Yes, you can opt for daily emails, weekly or even on specific days of the week.

Will it cost me anything?
No. Our service is 100% free.

Can I cancel the service whenever I want?
Yes. There is a very easy procedure to cancel all emails.

How do I decrease the frequency that I receive emails?
Simply go to the MY ACCOUNT tab and amend your selected days that you wish to receive email updates.

Can I select to receive less expensive products?
Yes. Go to the BUDGET, CATEGORIES & SIZES tab and change the BUDGET filter to reflect the maximum price of each product that we will email to you.

Can I shop for a second person from my current profile?
Yes. Go to the SHOP tab and click 'Create another sale profile' beneath SHOP FOR ANOTHER PERSON on the left hand index. Follow the instructions to set the profile up. Products matching the second profile will be included in your existing email matches. You can switch between the two profiles in SHOP FOR ANOTHER PERSON.

Can I shop for more than two people?
Yes. You can set up multiple shopping profiles.